Friday, October 01, 2004

Last night's debate in Coral Gables, Florida -- a state devastated by four hurricanes in several weeks -- pitted the realist and the radical; respectively, Senator John F. Kerry and President George W. Bush. For ninety minutes they indirectly debated on the war in Iraq, principally, as well as the general 'War on Terror'. Jim Lehrer moderated what sometimes became a heated discussion but never came to fisticuffs. All in all, a draw; Kerry won in terms of substance, Bush somewhat in style, who occassionally stammered and hesitated. Kerry, expected to meander and wander, did none of the sort. He, for the most part, albeit a few generalizations and factual errors, was on target. Bush deliberately avoided the target altogether, repeatedly sticking with his talking points and appearing to not want to face reality and confront it. Kerry appears to want to, however. Will this be decisive? Too soon to say, perhaps, but after the next two the minds of most of the electorate should be set, and we will have a good ol' 'spirited contest,' in the words of the incumbent.

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