Monday, July 25, 2005


The Amtrak was delayed (surprise surprise), but I've returned from Falcon Ridge. Those were four great days well spent, within the pastoral fields that flow from the Berkshires, listening to fine folk and being with good people. American communitarianism at its best, one could say. The masterful songwriter and guitarist Chris Smither, the feisty and passionate Ani DeFranco* and the very hilarious Vance Gilbert were my favorites. Another great performer was Susan Werner, who sang "Strange Nation", which was an incredible song. (If I could provide a link to the lyrics, I would.)

All said, I had a great time. (If I can figure out how to upload my cell phone pictures to this, I would do that, too.) Falcon Ridge** was one of those awesome, communal experiences that cannot effectively be put into words, because a lot in that way is lost.

*DeFranco's website has a link to a campaign by the Nuclear Information and Resource Service that is opposing a proposed plan to shuttle our national nuclear waste in a facility under an Indian reservation in Utah, apparently.

**This year was the last in which Falcon Ridge was held in Hillsdale (or Philmont or Craryville or wherever the hell we were, anyway). We don't know where it will be held next time but, as we heard, Falcon Ridge is not a location as much as a state of mind. And to that I very much agree.

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rob lederer said...

Spending time with you at Falcon Ridge was a highlight of my summer.