Friday, February 10, 2006

Some Stupid Thoughts

Rarely is addressed the self-consciousness that plagues this blogger. No use of the article "I", nor anymore arrogant pretention, false wisdom and the like.

Knowledge, not what you see and hear, take in and break down and interpret. Instead, what to do with the information and how to do it.

Nothing is certain, though that of itself sounds like a certain thing. Suggesting that, in other words, certainly it's hard to accept uncertainty, certainly when you're certainly uncertain. There's nothing here.

But there's truth somewhere. Our task is to find it, seeking out for justice within and without. But generalities, needless generalizations, are to be abandoned in this space.

The point of ideals, of standards, words in dusty old pages of rotting tomes, our liberty and power ... spinning somewhere unknown. Nice wish to slow down the world.

Don't know anything.

1 comment:

Nick Weiss said...

Just like to point out that you wrote post against generalities, using generalities... just something I noticed.