Sunday, August 13, 2006

Crazy Thought (Again)

Ummm... should we actually negotiate with these people? Lookat the salute for God's sakes! Why are we even thinking about doing that? Look at them! Just fucking dangerous.

God forbid I demonize the official enemy, in this case Hizb'ullah (the Party of God). God forbid I choose to demonize demons. God forbid I react negatively to what appears to be a Nazi salute.

But, go ahead, hammer out a negotiated settlement with these folks. (I am talking to you, Kofi!) Of course I want this war to stop, do not get me wrong. (I often get myself wrong.) But do not lose your heads. I am trying not to lose mine. A wise man said, Do not cut what you cannot untie. That implies the Lebanese government, at a last option, must cut it off with these so-called Holy Partisans or whatever the else these murderous thugs want to name themselves. If it cannot, sorry Mr. Siniora, but the bullshit has got to end.

Both states must respect the territorial sovereignty of the other; as I have consistently advocated, a cease-fire must be enforced by the relevant multinationals or what-have-you, and by the by such a call to lay down arms has begun as of a few hours ago; reparations by Israel and Lebanon must be paid immediately for their respective collateral damage; and the political structure of Lebanon must be re-made from within, toward the effect of leaving a disarmed Hizbollah and, instead, a political party without recourse to violence, a choice that is entirely up to the Lebanese (at that an acceptable one for Israel, as top Israeli officials have in fact indicated).

No more for now. On a personal note, may this ceasefire have lasting value, indeed a semblance of permanence; may Israel and Lebanon find the peace their people both seek; and may rogues like Hezbollah and their thuggish minions be stamped out once and, hopefully, for all.


Abbas said...


Why would Hizbollah disarm? Over 90% of the Muslim World support them. The Christains of Lebanon support them. They are considered the "official resistance" in Lebanon. And now more than ever, as the Zionist state has shown, is Lebanon in need of 'em. On top of that they are heavily involved with Lebanese politicals and social services. They are not a "state within a state." That is rubbish. They ARE the state.

And you can't deny the fact that the Zionist state has violated Lebanese airspace and sovereignty over 12,000 times and still illegally hold over a thousand Lebanese prisoners.

The facts just don't add up for the Zionist State..

Alex said...

That they constitute the only functioning "state" within the southern territories is a tragedy for the Lebanese and the Israelis, at least that is my opinion.

The Hizb'ullah are indeed considered to be "the 'official resistance'", in fact Mr. Siniora recognizes these terrorists as such.

You are correct in that the Israeli state has violated Lebanese national sovereignty; as well, Lebanon (either by implicit sanction or other means) has violated Israeli national sovereignty. That too is an undeniable fact.

Thanks for writing. I appreciate all comments, even if we all don't agree some times. Peace be to all.