Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The murderer has a name: Cho Seung-Hui. AOL News reported earlier today that a former classmate, Ian MacFarlane, pointed to two plays Cho had written. They read, in terms of the violent psychosis and immaturity within, almost exactly like the Harris-Klebold diaries released last year.

Is it me or do I smell evil around here? … I feel a satanic presence around me. Do you guys feel it?”

Excerpted from “Mr. Brownstone” (above), through an apparent alter ego, John. As far as his story goes, John and friends sneak into a casino and win the jackpot, whereupon the teacher (who is portrayed as an evil figure [four professors were murdered at Virginia Polytechnic]) named Brownstone, intervenes and calls security forces on them. After kicking them out, one of the officers says, “I am sorry about those gangsters, sir. We’ll beef up our security.”

Seems disturbingly prescient. Yet what gives rise to such unreasoning anger and lunacy?

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