Thursday, January 01, 2009

I am no statistician, but that seems like a small sample and a large M.O.E. Nonetheless, it is clear that the same number of people in Israel want an immediate truce as those clamoring for a ground invasion, which would likely be calamitous. It appears the latter has been prepared. God help the Israelis of the Negev as well as the Palestinians in Gaza. But obviously it is not up to God, who in my view does not intervene, just watches things unfold.

It is strange, and sad, that so many people consider it a pro-Hamas position to decry the clearly criminal nature of the assaults. Why is not possible for so many commentators to hold in their heads the radical idea that to truly respect Israel means to hold it to a higher standard, and not allow it (i.e., the state) to go on its self-destructive path?

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