Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So the British hate the Jewish state, eh? Balloting began about two hours ago. Bibi is expected to win, with proto-fascist Lieberman at third place. I choose my words carefully; he is by any definition such a political figure. He has made explicit, avowed rhetoric to make a swap between Arab-dominated areas of Israel for (illegal) Jewish settlements in the West Bank. In other words, kick out the Arabs — or at the very least make them sign a Stalinist loyalty oath — and annex more Palestinian land, further pushing any prospect for peace to the farthest reaches of oblivion. Not that with Netanyahu it will be much better, viewing this whole thing as a non-Israeli I hasten to add, but perhaps more sane.

In completely unrelated news, Walter Isaacson of Time wants to have newspapers charge readers a small fee to read articles online. On one hand, my inclination is to oppose such a move because I feel that information should be free and open to the public; yet, on the other hand, whatever it takes to ensure the survival of the industry may take precedence. At least for the short term — and if I am to have a chance in print media, it may be what is needed.

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