Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anderson Cooper jumped in and carried a Haitian boy, bleeding and helpless, to relative safety. People are giving him a lot of kudos for his bravery and compassion; I never cared for him but that was a real class-act. Also, this raises the question of when reporters/journalists/TV personalities can take the mask off and just be human. In the photos, the Haitian cops look sort of shocked, astounded. I have to keep reminding myself that the aid is barely trickling in, the hospitals collapsed for days with rising levels of what we lazily call anarchy, literally absence of government — there are reports of paramilitaries, private citizens rich enough, here and there, to arm make-shift police forces. Hence Cooper’s newsworthy rescue. “Looting” is in use again, as if it is a criminal act to do whatever you can to survive when civilization is destroyed, to defend your life; especially when there’s barely any aid, too few people to distribute, and no order.

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