Thursday, May 26, 2011

e.e. cummings in the news again, this time from the fine folks at Awl magazine.

Lexi Mainland (real name? guessing not, tentatively) is the chief micro-blogger for the Times. She refers concerned photo-takers to this page, which displays some alternatives to those TwitPic bastards. (Ironic: yes, Mr. Keller, this is aggregating. Odd that that sounds so similar to aggravating.)

The dinosaurs at Time hope to God (who is obviously Henry Luce) that you collegiate fools did not choose to major in an archaic field known as journalism, a word whose root denotes a daily record-keeping. Nowadays people keep tabs every minute: minutalism?

As a blogger, it behooves me to ask whether informing the world about anything involving your experience waiting for a plane or what you ate for lunch is useful at all. As a micro-blogger, saying so is predicated on the real possibility of being de-followed, or whatever the hell that is supposed to be termed.

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