Monday, May 24, 2004

In tonight's primetime television address, Bush laid out a five-point plan toward defeating evil and ensuring the vision of freedom for all in the world, especially in the Middle East. Oh, yeah, and toward the more realistic end of getting us out of the mess in Iraq. This administration is downright arrogant to think that it alone can perfect the world in its image. In the case of the Middle East, I don't think the utopian vision of Jeffersonian democracy will happen any time soon. In essence, the Bush regime plan is:

1) to hand over "full sovereignty" to the Iraqi people on June 30 (another lie by Bush: the interim government will not have full sovereign powers until the general elections in January 2005),

2) help the Army of South Vietnam - er, the Iraqi police - improve their security from the "terrorists" (whoever they are; we don't really know, aside from Muqtada al-Sadr's militia or anonymous "insurgents"),

3) rebuild Iraq's infrastructure, brilliantly destroyed in the March 2003 blitzkrieg,

4) help the TBA interim puppet government hold general "elections" next year, and

5) internationalize the war, drawing from the UN and major nations who we didn't give a flying fuck about when Bush-n-Co. decided, in its resolute war march, to wholly destabilize the region and make us and the world many times less safe last March.

Plus, his embarrassing mispronunciation of the Abu Ghraib prison was funny, albeit the serious nature surrounding it. Let's forget that the incidents there were representative of official interrogation methods approved by the Pentagon, such as in Guantanamo.

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