Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Some crazy shit is going down in Israel. I got these articles from the BBC and al Jazeera that the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) is launching some sort of offensive in Rafah, a Palestinian settlement of some kind in Gaza. The BBC article is reporting a UN resolution condemning the attacks, which have killed 10 Palestinian civilians and injured 60 (the US abstaining), and al Jazeera is referring to the incident as a "massacre". In addition to this, the IDF is also apparently demolishing the homes of the Palestinian people living in the area. Is it just me, or does this policy sound suicidal for Israel? As a Jew, I am deeply concerned for the nation's future in the face of brutal terrorist attacks by Arab extremists, but I cannot condone the arbitrary killing of Palestinians and the destruction of their homes. Do the ends justify the means, after all?

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