Thursday, April 08, 2004

Kerry, in a speech to Georgetown University, proposed to cut social programs in order to reduce the massive deficit. As I have said before, a fraction of the money being spent now on the military (nearly half a trillion dollars) would cover a lot, with plently to spare. Of course, if Kerry did actually cut that miniscule piece of the military's budget in exchange for badly needed social funding (assuming he wins the Presidency), he would be accused by the Right as gutting the military and not wanting to fight terrorism. However, fighting terrorism is not our responsibility alone. In order to make the world safe, we must pool the resources of many nations, each sharing an equal burden. Instead, Bush has done the opposite ... with devastating results, as the escalating quagmire in Iraq shows. Admittedly, Kerry would not be my prime candidate for the Presidency. I would much rather have Clark be the President, or at least the Vice President (which is still a possibility). He looked more principled. As the saying goes, nevertheless, Kerry is clearly the lesser of two evils.

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