Sunday, April 25, 2004

Lately some people have been puttin' down the Onion (see below), which I believe to be one of the greatest "news" publications of all time. I, of course, quote the word because it's not really, you know, factual. But it's not supposed to be. It's a great satirical paper, and an extremely funny website, now updated on Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays. Here are some of the negative reviews of the site from Alexa, an emporium for websites that features traffic and reviews:

* A Bitter Onion, April 20, 2004
Reviewer: A customer from Santa Barbara
The Onion was once funny -- now it's just shlocky!! What once was satire is now 10th-grade high school humor (and what's funny about that)? I've heard the owners sold out to a big corporation. God, I feel sorry for the shareholders of that place. Fire the CEO right now! Goodbye and farewell, Onion, you had your hayday -- now you're just a relic of the dot-com bomb internet.

Here's another one:

* Nowhere near the quality of the Onion of yore., April 17, 2004
Reviewer: A reviewer from New York, New York
Back in the day, the Onion was required reading for all those who loved to laugh. Nowadays, it's a pale shadow of itself. Don't believe me? Go to a bookstore and check out the older Onion articles versus the new stuff on the website. No comparison. Major props for them keeping it up all these years, but they're getting weak and losing their game. Is Gary Kroeger writing for them?

I don't get what this guy's problem was ...

* What the hell happened?, July 1, 2003
Reviewer: A customer
I used to love the onion. I used to look forward to each weeks issue, and i used to laugh out loud reading articles. But somewhere along the line it went wrong, and now it just reads like just another anti-America Michael Moore wannabe diatribe. What a shame.

[My question is, Since when is legitimate criticism of the government anti-American?]

And another:

** USED to be funny., April 8, 2003
Reviewer: A customer
This site used to be the best, but what happened??? The Onion has gone from being a hilarious satire to just another mouthpiece of the Left-Wing pinhead crowd. (yawn.)

Fuck 'em. I still love the Onion.

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