Sunday, April 04, 2004

The "original" Star Wars trilogy will finally be sold in DVD format on September 21 of this year. I put the word original in quotes because they won't be the original films. In fact, they won't even be the DVD version of the 1997 "Special Edition" version of the trilogy, which many people have objected to. According to Amazon customer reviews of the upcoming DVD box-set, the DVDs will be updated even further from the 1997 version, in which all of the imperfections that made the original version of the films (which are very hard to obtain these days) a classic will be done away with. In 2007, it is said, yet another DVD release (assuming DVD is still a valid format then), said to be called the "Ultimate" or "Archive" edition (for the 30th anniversary), which will have all six films and the originals will be manipulated to the point where they all seamlessly flow together as a continuous narrative. However, I fear that the essence of the "originals" will be hopelessly lost by all of this pointless tweaking. That episode of South Park was ahead of the curve.

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