Friday, August 06, 2004

Although quite long (145 min.) and not-so-well edited, nonetheless The Corporation is a fantastic documentary on the excesses of corporate wealth and power, and how, if not kept to account by the people who are directly affected by its influence, the corporation (which, legally, is a 'person' because of its nature as a singular entity that under the law is allowed to act as one) can become something of a monster to society, indeed. The film does not argue that the corporation is inherently evil; but, like most powerful, moneyed institutions, does have the capacity to do wrong to people. In short, to paraphrase, the film puts forth the premise, as the Bible also states, that the love of money is the root of all evil; in putting the profit margin and the 'bottom line' ahead of all other concerns, the corporation leaves much room for malfeasance, to say the least. Exploring many case-studies, such as Monsanto and its carcinogenic rBST milk-producing hormone, to IBM and its relationship with Nazi Germany as well as its complicity in the Holocaust, The Corporation is a film not free of bias, in that it classifies 'the corporation' as a 'psychopath' following a checklist of psychological conditions (being that a corporation is defined as a 'person', after all). Nonetheless, in light of its overt agenda it is a powerful film that is, above all, a warning: IF YOU PUT UNCONDITIONAL FAITH IN AN INSTITUTION WHOSE POWER NOW DOMINATES OUR SOCIETY, YOU GIVE THEM FREE REIGN TO DO WHATEVER WILL MAXIMIZE THEIR WEALTH AND POWER, OFTEN AT THE EXPENSE OF THE LESS PRIVILEGED AND POOR.

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