Friday, August 06, 2004

I do not think I believe in global warming anymore:

The National Weather Service reports, tonight, "near record low temperatures expected" due to a "A STRONG COLD FRONT [that] PUSHED TROUGH THE REGION EARLY THURSDAY[,] ALLOWING NORTHERLY WINDS TO USHER IN A COLD CANADIAN AIRMASS. ... TEMPERATURES WILL QUICKLY FALL DURING THE LATE EVENING. BY DAWN[,] TEMPERATURES ARE EXPECTED TO RANGE FROM THE MID TO UPPER 50S IN DOWNTOWN WASHINGTON DC AND BALTIMORE[,] TO AROUND 50 IN THE OUTLYING SUBURBS[,] AND THE MIDDLE 40S IN THE HIGHER TERRAIN WEST OF THE BLUE RIDGE." According to general NWS statement, "Atypically cool, Canadian air by early August standards is in control of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic."

I know, I know, global warming deals with the increase of planet-wide, average temperature, but still, this weather is very unusual for this time of year.

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